Wednesday, April 28, 2010

the legendary..northface recon

northface recon is one of the bestseller in backpack market,to be specific in daypack category..a lagendary label..maybe i can compare it with levis jeans 501 series..setuju tak? tak setuju xpe..erm berbalik kita kpd cerita,northface recon ni mula2 dipasarkan kira2 4 tahun lepas and northface membuat sedikit penambahan utk model2 setiap tahun,but the shape n design tak banyak berubah..northface recon model yg bertahan begitu lama dlm pasaran,n maintain kedudukannya sbg daypack terhangat di pasaran eropah dan US...why?? the answer is because it was a masterpiece..dgn design yg simple yet stylish,versatile,urban..and also able to withstand the rainforest!! haha..watchout! chick & swimming pool!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

northface recon review (click play for video)

northface recon review by altrec outdoor..outdoor gear store base in US..yg pasti recon model ialah salah satu model daypack terlaris & famous among college n high school student di us n europe..

northface recon review

northface recon..kaler merah hitam
model daypack dari northface plng laris.watchout on sale june 2010 only via

manufactured under licensed...gred A
made in vietnam...
mad intro price....
only rm 128
dijamin termurah

coming soon...
june 2010

click play button for feature video dibawah...have fun!